Daily Surf Report - 1/7/2016

Inspirational Quote Of The Day:
"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

Somewhat settled with surf potential on the far edge of marginal.  Clear skies, no wind and sunshine lure while morning tide peaks and sweeps the ramp clean of all terrestrial bodies.  Detritus and battered hopes are all that are left in the wake.  The ocean gives no quarters today yet may take some prisoners.  Find your inner crystal and confirm all objectives.  A small conglomeration suits and boots then attempts entry with quasi-formed intentions.  I wonder if an exit strategy was part of the morning meeting? 
CHANNEL:  Deep bombora faces give cause for pause as high tide energy seeks to find an area upon which to unload its cargo.  Much warbled segments will need to be navigated in search of this landing zone.  A general feeling of too much water has most in the look - see mode and few tackling this project.  Jump off the high turnbuckle and suplex the day.  At the very least you will have expended maximum energy on a worthy pursuit.

PATCH:  Slappy hour this morning as no waves moving in one general direction.  A few clean faces give rise to deeper glances but those last steps are a doozy to overcome.  Tide sucks and hucks over the rest of the day so might be worth observation at an undetermined later date in the future.   

 Respect the Beach 


HIGH: 9:05 AM   6.2'

LOW: 3:57 PM   -0.3'

HIGH: 11:05 PM   4.6'

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