Daily Surf Report - 2/13/2016

Inspirational Quote of the Day:
"The ideal attitude is to be physically loose and mentally tight" - Arthur Ashe

Swell energy holds steady and brings the schemers and dreamers seeking waves of virtue and attainability.  An early mix of coastal overcast has winds non existent though a permeating chill of 47F.  Now giving way to full sunshine and radiance.  Again we battle against a dropping morning tide that reveals wide margins of beach and stone while foiling plans for groomed breakers. There is plenty of opportunity present and most activity is currently centered on donning suit and boots and hurrying to greet the ocean.    

CHANNEL: Not as composed as yesterday with folding breakers directly in front of the boat ramp getting the most looks and personal attention.  The occasional left in the Channel signifies a rallying point for those of the goofy persuasion but the apparition is relatively short-lived.  The Seadrift enclave still seems to be soaking up the directional offerings and rights of length rather than size are in the outcome.  A mixed bag with something for everyone and still leaving desires unfulfilled. 

PATCH: With fading S swell and a full tilt NW the Patch seems to have taken a liking to the factors and is joining the party in earnest today.  Not organized or correctly formed but still showing signs of life and magnetizing most with its tragic pull.  Smooth peaks have been known to pop yet the where is all over the watery map.  Logs and shortboards are making the pilgrimage forth and if you are so drawn keep your hopes even and conservative.  

 Respect the Beach 


LOW: 9:11 AM  1.0'

HIGH: 3:35 P4.7'

LOW: 9:07 PM  1.3'

WINTER HOURS are now in effect. 
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