Daily Surf Report - 6/11/2016

Inspirational Quote of the Day:
Don't find fault, find a remedy." - Henry Ford

Wisps of fog dissipate and yield to an emerging sun as schools end and summer bursts wide open.  Parking soon to be come just a memory as weekenders kick it live and set up camps.  A touch more NW windswell upon which to embark ones new search.  A hint of SW swell of negligible proportion seeking its way up the coast.  A wide open beach with large stretches of virgin sand and slack winds complete the picture. Are there actual waves to slide?  Haggo's claims to be open and if your mind is as well you can envision a reality in which it is so.

CHANNEL: A resolute NW windswell brings expectation and optimism to the table.  The sustenance is paltry but enough to exist on as the higher morning tide provides enough water for emerging peelers to find purchase.  Forlorn and fickle but not without takers and early birds pluck the morsels as they appear.  Best suited for logs and bigger logs with low expectations surely to be met if not exceeded.  

PATCH: Mini mighty macro movements as SW swell precursors arrive?  Ankle breakers and leaf shakers are no match for triumphant logjammers determined to cruise along.  Less movement equals more ride time as anything more will scare the waves back into seclusion or hibernation.  And remember: please don't feed the animals.


 Respect the Beach


HIGH: 4:44 A4.4'

LOW: 11:14 AM  0.3'

HIGH: 6:35 PM  5.2'

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