Daily Surf Report - 6/22/2016

Inspirational Quote of the Day:  
"In these times you have to be an optimist to open your eyes when you awake in the morning." - Carl Sandberg

Another sunny morn as a village forlorn only begins to rise from slumber. Only steadfast stalwarts get suited and booted in early light, as the tide sinks, sinks, sinks. It appears that the Underhills have neglected to pay the power bill, as the lights are out and there's no one home. Logs and troggs seek purchase from the meager menu, but largely find themselves wanting. The mere suggestion of a NW swell is only that...

CHANNEL: Too hot to handle? More like too cold to hold as beach combing is being taken to new extremes. Anglers far outnumber even early yogis as lake BO does a dance of sixpence and emptiness round the May(groin)pole. As the past days have shown, it will take an influx of the blue stuff to make slides even a possibility. Remember, nobody rides for free.

A large and unwieldy watercraft advisory must be in effect, as only shapes the size of formal dining tables float on calm surfaces at present. Paddle in hand they conquer all lands, if only in the ocean of the mind. Far outside rights are the only target in sight, and even those take the will of the traveling salesman. The promise and illusion of summer will bring the crowds, the kids, and folding chairs of all manner and stripe, so expect the unexpected, as we listen to your name, like ice into my heart.


 Respect the Beach


LOW: 7:32 AM  -0.9'

HIGH: 2:53 PM  4.7'

LOW: 7:28 PM  2.8'

SUMMER HOURS are now in effect. 
We are open daily from 9am - 6pm from MAY through OCTOBER. 

Come out to rent if you need gear. We have a full selection of suits, boots, boards, and boogies to rent every day and are only 522 steps to the beach.

Lots of NEW and USED boards are in the racks so come check it out. We have wetsuits for men, women and kids.  Plenty of 3 and 5mm booties, hoods and gloves are in stock as well. If you are in need of a new suit or board now is a great time to shop. We have all the gear for your cold water surfing needs.