Daily Surf Report - 7/14/2016

Inspirational Quote of the Day:
Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen.
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Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. George Orwell
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"Good words are worth much, and cost little." - George Herbert 

A fog of depth descends and transforms as we seek stoke within the recesses of our minds.  Temps hold steady ready at 56F and though the sun is but a mystery the reveal should come later.  Minor blends of meager swells are cause for contemplation and action though visual aids are not in effect this early morning.  Tides remain friendly and fulfilled so water levels are favorable for ocean entry.    

CHANNEL: A roving sandbar creates on the fly and shifts focus in the swirling fogs.  The usual sights and sounds are obliterated in the mist yet many seem to find solace upon these waters.  Lefts and more lefts seem to be the predominate direction with those attempting rights disappearing into uncharted harbours. 

PATCH: Miniature S swell keeps the Kupuna hopefuls honing their skills with contest aspirations at an all time high.  Blanketed in vapors the glassy nature lends an encouraging vibe to those making the long walk with long logs.  The smooth cruise may well be in effect today.


 Respect the Beach


HIGH: 9:24 AM   3.7'
LOW: 1:58 PM   2.4'

HIGH: 8:27 PM   5.7'

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