Daily Surf Report - 7/9/2016

Inspirational Quote of the Day: 
"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." - Lao Tzu

Spectacular start to a simmering day as sun meets and greets and temp punches in at 59F.  Early birds tweet and scamper as they try to avoid the draining tide swing.  A timid incorporation of NW windswell backed with a touch of S has both spots actuated but not firing on all cylinders.  A worthy beach day in many respects and suiting up for a surf is likely on the agenda.  All professional courtesies are being observed today.  

CHANNEL: Grinding lefts more suited to groms and gremmies awaits at the boat ramp entrance.  Canines and pinnipeds range freely withing this realm.  Groin pole society adds members by the moment as seekers and tweekers bask in thigh high lefts that may or may not appear.  A smoother surface upon which to work as winds are slack today.  A lessening of water will cause a temporary shutdown though afternoons have revealed promise worth waiting for.  


PATCH: A touch of swell from the tropical South signals a renewed interest and activity level here.  Loggers stream with lenghty distances to cover before reaching their sought destination.  Smooth and glistening peaks fold over with sufficiency to propel though only for short journeys.  Un-shroud yourself and make your presence known. Find redemption in the briny bath and stay within restrained confines.  


 Respect the Beach


LOW: 9:42 AM   0.2'

HIGH: 4:55 PM   5.3'

LOW: 10:37 PM   2.2'

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