Daily Surf Report - 9/10/2016

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius

Wispy layers cover frisky players as the morning many are out seeking stoke.  With NW windswell and long range SW swell still in residence the blessed get undressed and give thanks and praise to Jah.  Multi-layered rooftops with all manner of sliding sled signals the coconut wireless has been busy and buzzing.  Skies are overcast.  Temp is 57F and winds remain lightly swirling though ocean surfaces stay smoothed.   

Special shout out and good luck to Team Rider WES in today's Nor Cal dog surfing championships being held at Linda Mar beach in Pacifica.

CHANNEL: Heady and holding steady as the tide pushes in during the early hours.  For the morning vampire there are Mali-Bo options currently available.  The majority of those on recess still sit deep outside the Channel watching and waiting for hearty lefts.  Boat ramp whompers exists for thrills and punishment and with mid tides all day the entry and exit will require some thought and contemplation.

PATCH: Nazal Crazal with a side of Witch Hazel.  Cleanse those pores and brighten those eyes.  Let the coffin door open and slide right in.  Know without seeing and feel the vibrations from both near and far.  SW swell continues to hold stable and resolve itself with tides varying only slightly.  Something for everyone and eventually everyone will be present and accounted for in the lineup.  Outside rumblers that turn into inside screamers as rocks are not a limiting factor today.    


 Respect the Beach


HIGH: 8:21 AM    4.1'

LOW: 1:02 PM    3.1'

HIGH: 6:58 PM    5.3'

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