Daily Surf Report - 11/12/2016

Inspirational Quote of the Day:
"Problems are not stop signs - they are guidlines." - Robert H. Schuller


Again and with feeling with the new NW swell climbing the top turnbuckle and jumping off.  Electrified activity from all corners and all comers has early parking depleted and social norms ignored.  Looks like an "anything goes" type of day as judged by the collection of boards seen entering and leaving the water.  Some environmental factors to be aware of today: steep and deep high tide just trending to its peak / coastal fog making visuals hazy / temp of 59F / no winds / outgoing tide suck to a negative in the afternoon will put a rip across the waters.  Have fun!!

CHANNEL: Weird and warbled as high tide funk messing with the junk.  Plenty of swellular energy in play coupled with climaxed tide has waters splashing and surfers dashing left and right.  Head swivels are a must to locate the next thrust and find yourself in a place of calm vs. doom.  Bathed in morning fog the viewed parameters show the promise of a desert mirage.     

Before we were on our way
Up the ramp of death
I could say that you moved me
In many rich directions, good and bad
The null experience
Piece it together
It showers you with oceans of the past

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HIGH9:13  AM  6.4'

LOW3:33 PM   -0.3'

HIGH10:13  PM  5.2'

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