Daily Surf Report - 11/19/2016

Inspirational Quote of the Day:
"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision." - Dalai Lama


Storm cell hits and sits as a welcome respite from the sunshine and warm temps.  Fortified with wind propulsion it brings both new swell and new challenges to tackle.  Amidst the swirling gusts are curling breakers of both mighty and meager stature.  A jambled jumble for sure with pockets of open possibilities and potential pitfalls.  Wet and wooly with a temp of 56F.  Ocean temp a slight drop to 57F.  Game on for those willing to brave the elements.  I don't think the heavy stuff's going to come down for quite a while.  

CHANNEL: Storm swept but not bereft of energy and excitement.  Multi-directional waves have somethings going left and others going right.  Gusts that groom combined with those that ruin make for interesting options and limited choices.  Edges, ledges and blown down hedges are the predominant features.

PATCH: Taking less of the brunt of SW winds and possibly and option for higher tide slides.  A bit blustery though a daring trifecta wage a skirmish with the current elements in an effort to conquer and slay waves. 

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HIGH3:59  AM   5.2'

LOW9:01  AM   2.7'

HIGH2:47  PM   5.5'

LOW9:31  PM   -0.3'

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