Daily Surf Report - 11/21/2016

Inspirational Quote of the Day:
"Change is the end result of all true learning." - Leo Buscaglia 


Ocean has been chilling out as the wind dies from the storm and sea levels are back to normal as this perfect Monday begins. The breaks are crispy like fried chicken and the power is like a bull pulling a two ton stone - slow but strong as today's waves act much the same. The water temperature is 58F as the air settles at a low 48F. Winds up to 7mph in the early afternoon.  We ride at dawn.

CHANNEL: It's just not its day today as more of a smaller NW swell flushes in.  Still swinging and flinging its way to find solid ground as the Patch takes over as the likely landing spot for now.

PATCH: Just taking over this day as the breaks start off strong.  As the swell builds and rises till it bursts over the lip and off you go. Just enjoy this settled Monday morning as the sun rises to its peek.  Just another great day to start the week with a surf. The sliders ride the mid thigh to chest high swell as the rip current just acts as a conveyor belt for an easy paddle out. 

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HIGH: 5:56  AM   5.4'

LOW11:38  AM   2.3'

HIGH5:10  PM   4.6'

LOW11:32  PM   0.6'

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