Daily Surf Report - 11/6/2016

Inspirational Quote of the Day:
"An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day." - Henry David Thoreau


Hallowed grounds that make no sounds as we find footing on freshly rinsed streets.  Deep pockets of inland fog with the horizon rosy and showing tinted hues of pink.  Temp of 58F and winds remain again silent and watching.  New NW swell resumes pulsations and though time has only been set back 1 hour it feels as if it has stood completely still.  Back to the grind with everyone on the hunt for waves of meaning and consequence.  A crystal conundrum as shape appears shifted or lifted allowing for more but giving less?

CHANNEL:  A bit top-heavy with tide and not likely to show marked change until the late afternoon retreat.  Plenty of water moving around from the Groin bar into the middle Channel and across the depths to the Seadrift confines.  All vessels of choice and skill levels converge as the nexus of the universe is here today.  Size can range, and does, from waist to head high.

PATCHBreakers from the depths unwind well outside and have proportions to allow for lengthy rides.  Upon the middle region there is a flattening and reformation as new waves rise from the ashes like a Phoenix.  Lesser in stature but equal in merriment for those looking to slash and dash rather than cruise.  

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HIGH4:54  AM  4.5'

LOW9:51  AM   3.2'

HIGH3:24  PM  4.8'

LOW10:10  PM   0.4'

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