Daily Surf Report - 11/9/2016

Inspirational Quote of the Day:
"May you live in interesting times." - Chinese proverb


Contrary to popular belief, the sun does rise today and a new day begins with a hope for peace and tranquility.  Heavy ocean rumbles mixed with suitable grumbles as a non-sedentary swell from the NW is again upon us.  Significant in size with the ability to overwhelm.  Contrasted with clear skies, absolutely no wind and a surging temp of 57F makes this truly a Fall day to remember.  Shake off the doldrums.  Jump in to clear you vision and wash away all negativity.  Yank bootstaps.  Gather intestinal fortitude.  Tackle the day and wild surf head on in combative style.

CHANNEL: Thick and wide swaths of oceanic energy pour through at steady intervals only to be met by the adventurous few that have unlocked the secret to entry.  With tides peaked out and high, the vantage points remain soaked and interested parties find higher ground.  Plenty of West in this swell has rights in the Channel working and sizable.  Everything shows signs of life and potential but overall swell has some havoc wreaking tendencies.

PATCH: Bumped, dumped and jumped up swell showing upon open smooth faces in the outside Patch.  Shifty again as direction not optimal but with so much energy poised and pulsating there are clearly waves to be had.  Size ranging up to one's shoulder is not uncommon and currently more are watching and waiting than participating.  

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HIGH7:18  AM  5.2'

LOW1:11  PM   1.9'

HIGH7:02  PM  4.6'

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