Daily Surf Report - 4/26/2017

Inspirational Quote of the Day:
"You're only given a little spark of madness. You musn't loose it." - Robin Williams

Bleak, dreary and wet; water, ocean, rain; clouds, mist, windshield wipers. All this and more....what a day to be alive! Some may say that they are done with this weather but let us not forget that April showers bring May flowers; besides, it seems the rain is not sticking around to hang all day. Out in the ocean a nay sayer is not found here today. As for the waves scientists have been studying them for so many years and we still don't quite understand them...who's to say? There is a SW swell proposed to build now coming in short amplitude with a long period while a NW may build for more speed but it's still in that go-between. Rocking a 58F tan amidst cloudy skies and a drizzle that is proposed to come and go. We are here, they are there, where are you?

CHANNEL: A few numbers here getting the rock and roll hang of it all. A body surfer, some long boarders and the groin. What a party, don't forget the sunscreen, beach blankets and towels for we're in for it today. Up, down, left and right go far or near just never quit. Carpe diem.

PATCH:  As it is known, wave energy moving through a medium is not actually moving the medium itself. There are shadows of rollers out here but the water itself is not advancing, only the wave energy...unless it is breaking on the sand and only then is it being displaced by a fraction. Never near, some far. Lost in the haze. Alone. Dazed and confused.


 Respect the Beach!


LOW: 5:56 AM   - 0.6'

HIGH: 12:42 AM  5.2'

LOW: 5
:56 PM   1.1'

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