Daily Surf Report - 1/6/2012

Take a number and wait you turn - both to park and get in the water. Overly crowded lineup and town today with big SW swell still delivering. When driving in please remember you are visiting a small West Marin enclave that likes peace and quiet. Respect the locals both in and out of the water and leave no trace of your visit except positive vibrations.

Foggy drive but clear, blue skies and sun in town. Slack winds and current temp of 43F with nice weather expected to continue.

Channel: Chest to neck high waves with lots of consistent lefts breaking on the deep bar. Again - very shortboardable today. Thick crowd of 25+ on it. Look both ways before dropping in to make sure no one is behind you - then charge and fly down the line. Tide will be heading out soon so should get even better.

Patch: Lots of waist high waves today. Some breaking outside, some midway and still clean and smooth today. Longboards and SUPs making the most of it and about 10 - 12 in the water. Plenty of waves to catch today.

Boat Ramp: Again a 3 - 4' shorepound good for bodysurfing, handplanes and breaking necks! Some shortboarding going on here as well. Lots of inside little pits to pull into and some cool backwash waves as well.

Important Note from the Bolinas Fishing Community:
When heading out the Channel the boats have a very narrow slot to navigate and during big swells fishermen have to "thread the needle" to avoid having their boats dumped by waves. The boats dont have the ability or opportunity to veer away from oncoming waves and must take them straight on. Surfers - please practice Ocean Courtesy when boats are heading in and out of the Channel and paddle out of the boat's path to let them through.

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.

Low: 2:46 am 3.0'
High: 8:50 am 6.1'
Low: 3:57 pm -0.3'
High: 11:11 pm 4.5'

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