Daily Surf Report - 1/7/2012

Different day and dropping swell. The swell is backing off but the crowds are not. Still jam packed in the Channel. Last weekend of Winter break so expect busy-ness both in and out of the water. Let's make sure everyone plays nice today.

Bo-Beautiful morning with clear, blue skies and full sun in town. No wind and current temp of 43F with clear and dry weather expected to continue.

Channel: Backed down to the waist to chest size with lefts off the middle bar. Not as consistent or clean as the past few days but still plenty of rideable surf. Mob scene of people so be careful in the water. Look both ways before dropping in to make sure no one is behind you. You can still ride a shortboard but high tide is softening things up. Tide will be heading out soon so should get even better.

Patch: Good amount of surf in the thigh to waist high range. Sunrise session with Scotty G. and Mark B. Happy New Year boys! Long rides to be had if you want them. Breaking midway out then mushing a bit. Shift your weight forward on the inside and it reforms and opens up. Another 30 yards of wave to be ridden. Has a little bump from high tide backwash - you will have to hike the seawall or paddle around to get out. About 8 in the water. Plenty of fun waves to catch today.

Another great part of the weather we are having are the sunsets. Here is one from earlier in the week.

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.

Low: 3:29 am 3.0'
High: 9:31 am 6.3'
Low: 4:31 pm -0.5'
High: 11:45 pm 4.7'

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