Daily Surf Report - 12/16/2012

We may close before 5pm due to rain / wind / cold. Check or call for updates.
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Started out with rain and drizzle, and some variable wind...currently we do have a break in the storm, and there is a tiny bit of sun trying to stoke out the plant life and water dwelling mammals. Surf n swell has picked up a tad, howver the actual conditions are less than to be desired. No one surfing here as of yet, however there are some waves out there. More exposed west facing breaks have cleaner conditions and slightly larger wave faces, but there is a little action here in town if you're looking to engage and harness your skills, develop and strengthen your swimming and wave reading capabilities. It's sunday, so have some coffee or tea, a bloody mary or mimosa, some brunch, maybe hop in the water or don't, enjoy the last day of the weekend!

ALSO: With this high tide comes a lot of flotsom (wood, poles, planks, debris floating in the water) that you can get injured from. So, be mindful when entering and exiting the water. Keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel.

CHANNEL: as the tide rises we expect to see it shut down a bit, but currently there are waves breaking in and or around the channel area...a bit more swell than yesterday, some corners and crumbly walls in the knee to maybe thigh high range. No one out surfing at the moment, however there are two ocean kayakers scraping through some whitewater peaks and getting there stoke on.

PATCH: pieces and parts of swell stumbling through, looks like the waves might've had a late nite at Smiley's...but some little knick knacks here and there in the shin to knee high range. Definitely a tad bigger than yesterday, but showing the after effects of the wind and rain. No surfers braving it yet...

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!!
PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW: 7:09 am 2.5'

HIGH: 1:09 pm 6.2'

LOW: 7:45 pm -0.9'

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