Daily Surf Report - 12/17/2012

ATTENTION! We will be closing early today. Thank you.

Goodmorning to all of you out there in surflandia! It's a bit gray and gloomy out here at the beach today. It is currently 53 degrees with more rain and such expected throughout the day. The surf is really attempting to show something but all we're getting is pretty much the equivalent to a failing ghetto strip mall; close-outs. Hopefully, we'll catch a break later in the week if not later today.

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CHANNEL: There are waves here at the Groin Pole, Middle Bar and Sea Drift in the waist (+/-) BUT it's all sectioning and closing out, not-to-mention but I will anyway, the pulses between waves are extremely short. Lot's of sand bar exposed as well. No one here except us Seagulls.

PATCH: Again, the ol' Patch is trying harder than Charlie Brown's attempts at kicking that football (with the same results). Even though lines are coming through not many are peaking and breaking. When they actually do break it's only for about 10 or so yards. There are a couple of (extremely) small/short corners here but it's looking dismal at the moment. One (1) longboard thrashing about doing far more paddling and waiting than actual surfing.

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!!
PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW: 8:15 am 2.4'

HIGH: 2:07 pm 5.6'

LOW: 8:35 pm -0.3'

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