Daily Surf report - 3/26/2013

Buenas dias todo suferos del mar! Another glorious morning here at the beach as it's sunny with an air temp of 48 degrees and no wind (yet), glassy conditions as there is still some of that swell remaining in town for you to glide your cares away.

CHANNEL: Waist-to-just-under-chest high as it looks as if it's just starting to fire with this incoming tide. It looks like the middle bar all the way towards Sea Drift is where it wants to deposit you in the slot. Not every wave is clean so be patient and picky and you will be rewarded with some fun salty realities. No one here as of yet but I see some folks eye-ballin' and getting ready...

PATCH: I can't believe this! The Calm Patch is STILL showing a swell, albeit a tad smaller than yesterday. Windex glassy in the waist-high area breaking over the middle and the inside. The Snags have there mojo workin' and even E.T.'s and Green/Africa have there little lefts slippin' and slidin' on through. Tide is coming up but always be mindful of the rocks below... great day to learn how to kick out of a wave instead of just falling off of your board. About ten (10) on Log-boards and hall-way buffing equipment.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW: 5:26 am 0.7'

HIGH: 11:49 am 5.4'

LOW: 5:35 pm 0.7'

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