Daily Surf report - 3/27/2013

Happy hump day to all of you creatures of the brine! It's a bit gloomy out here at the beach today but just weather-wise. Overcast with off-and-on misting in the air. The current air temp is buzzing in at about 52 degrees and the water temp is just south of that. However, there isn't any wind as of yet keeping it glassy all over. There is still a bit of a bump in the rump out there in the H2O so, pour yourself out of bed and splash on the neoprene, grab the hydrodynamic vehicle of your choice and get to slidin'!

CHANNEL: Waist-to-chest high as it's just starting to fire at the middle bar with this little incoming tide push, especially that right on the Sea Drift side. It's high ballin' like a fast frieght out of the yard with Lee Marvin as the king hobo riding that steel snake all the way to purgatory (Emperor of the North 1973...google it). There will be long lulls but wait for it....wait for it.... and BAM! Any water craft will work here as long as you have the chops, amigo. Two (2) there now as I write this. One lumber jack and one janitor.

PATCH: The Clam Patch is slowing down a bit with the current swell BUT there is still something out there to be had (besides suckers and rubes) at the thigh-to-waist high range. Rollers are slipping in from just inside the Rock/Meeting Rock/Bulk Head through the middle and well into the inside. Lefts and rights. Again, there is a long waiting period between sets but with a big enough log you can glide away and work on your foot work and style. About seven (7) out there now on longboards and a janitor board as well as the birthday boy, Hank "Boom Boom" Biddle! Happy Birthday, homie!

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW: 6:05 am 0.3'

HIGH: 12:37 am 5.3'

LOW: 6:10 pm 0.9'

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