Daily Surf Report - 4/5/2013

Morning fog, overcast, light drizzle and general moisture.  No winds today and ocean is smoothing out.  Temp coming in at 55F right now.  Low vis conditions due to fog on the water but there are waves and surfers are on it.  Good little swell conditions filling in on the buoys today and into the weekend.  Use the Jedi mind trick and put a suit on and paddle out.  Free shower van in the lot but no sign of porti shower yet.

CHANNEL: Hard to see but did make out a few waves rolling through at the Groin.  Channel is unknown due to fog.  A few in the water and a few walking down.  There are waves - you can hear them breaking.  Once you are in the water you can surf them as well.  Generally smoothed out ocean after 1 day of rain.  Guessing size to be waist high and will update after the morning crowd rolls through to tell their morning tales.

PATCH:   Inside surf at the Snags is visible, outside surf is not.  Trust the force and paddle out or you'll be the only one missing it.  Good group in the water and more heading over.  One SUP rider reported waist high + if you can trust a SUPer.  Grab a log and go find yourself a mysto wave to ride.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 8:15 am   5.2'

LOW: 2:38 pm   0.1'

HIGH: 9:41 pm   5.3'

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