Daily Surf Report - 4/6/2013

1:00pm Update: Rain has stopped and sun is trying to break through.  Temp up to 60F and winds are very light.  Swell numbers stay up and surf conditions vary.

Morning overcast, with light rain and variable S winds.  Leave the sunscreen home and bring a poncho.  Swell is here with good numbers but not translating to great surf so far.  Lumpy and chunky WNW swell with a touch of S mixed in for good measure.  Lots of water moving around today but conditions are not EPIC.  The marauding horde should thin out soon once reality sets in - the surf is just OK.  Currently 53F with sunshine predicted for later today and through the weekend.  Lots of flotsam and jetsam in the water today with the extra energy so keep an eye out for debris such as logs.

CHANNEL: Pieces here and there with a few waves that hold up and are decently rideable.  Size does go waist to chest high but it is consistently inconsistent.  Sets close out as do most waves.  There are some that you can pick of and get long rides on but the peaks are scattered today.  All types of boards will work and all types of boards are in the water.  Swell should hold through the day and into Sunday and surf conditions may need some time to improve.  Not the worst day to get wet but be patient and wait for the clean ones to come.

PATCH:   Surf all over today with good amount of push.  Smoother here than at the Channel and size is waist high +.  Lots of longboards and a few SUPs outside and midway.  Somewhat shortboardable on the inside with smooth dumpers to pull into and ride to the beach.  Tide is still coming in so all rocks are covered.  Crowded here but you can get waves.   

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 9:23 am   5.2'

LOW: 3:28 pm   0.2'

HIGH: 10:21 pm   5.5'

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