Daily Surf Report - 7/11/2013

Good day to all of you denizens of salty realities. It's another summer morning here at the beach... as in, overcast and drizzly with temps slipping in at 56 degrees. It'll warm up eventually but right now there is a pretty thick fog hugging the coast but not enough where you can't see the surf... if there were any. Okay- it's really trying today but these negative tides have a way of acting like the "Fun Police" that like to kill the buzz so badly that even Gandhi would cross the street to kick 'em in the berries. I say wait for the tide change then grab a log and glide your cares away.
 CHANNEL: Low tide = No Bueno here! Sand bars so exposed that I watched a Golden Retriever chase a flock of sea gulls (not to be confused with that British haircut band) almost to the line up. So, if you don't have hip waders and a fishing pole I suggest waiting for the tide to turn and then make a plan of action.... until then, get back to work. I'm not paying you to fool around on the computer!

PATCH: It's REALLY trying to do something here. What that "something" is, I haven't a clue but I would guess that it's attempting to create some sort of wave action...? The rocks are exposed and out by the "Meeting Rock/Bulk Head/Rock it's calling like the sirens in Odysseus... with the tide turn (much, much) later and a big enough log you may be able to spank that plank into some nice glides.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW:  8:01 am  -0.1'

HIGH:  3:13 pm   5.0'

LOW:  8:20 pm   2.5'

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