Daily Surf Report - 7/12/2013

Good morning everyone and a happy Friday to you all. It's yet another overcast morning here at the beach with the temperature coming in at 56 degrees and a pretty stiff on-shore breeze has the water surface textured pretty well. Per usual, the tide change and weather conditions will be the factor for some possible fun later. I'll post up any changes if they do indeed occur or time permits. May the force be with you.
 CHANNEL: I could of just copied and pasted the exact same thing here from previous days this week as the Channel is pretty much doing what it has been doing all week during the mornings, which is the same as that janky homeless guy up on the Mesa has been doing.... nothing. However, the tide turnaround later in the day has been delivering some ride-able glides in the afternoon/evening. Wait for it and it will come....hopefully. As for the homeless guy.... naw.

PATCH: On-shore winds and questionable conditions are not stopping six or seven longboards and janitor boards from slogging along. Though the sets are rolling in at about waist high right around the Bulk Head/Meeting Rock/Rock and with this on-shore wind they are anything but clean. Still, if you've been out of the water a while and are desperate.... Maybe later it'll clean up.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW:  8:35 am  0.1'

HIGH:  3:46 pm   5.1'

LOW:  9:10 pm   2.3'

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