Daily Surf Report - 7/14/2013

Put on your party hat and crack that whip today.  Overcast, misty fog with clearing expected.  Currently 56F and a bit humid but calm with zero wind.  Tide heading low so you may have some time to wait for more water and better waves but come get wet anyway today.

CHANNEL: 4 in the water battling small conditions and outgoing tide rip.  Churned up by dropping water levels but that isn't stopping the intrepid surfer that needs to get waves and it shouldn't stop you either.  Bring the longboard and try to catch 3 to the beach.  They are out there if you wait and are in the right position.  Thigh high + on the best ones. 

PATCH: 1 janitor sweeping things up and doing a great job.  Smooth and FLAT surface in the Patch this morning.  Occasional calf cramper rights rolling through that the biggest of boards or SUPs can ride.  More water and less rocks will be the ticket here later in the day. 

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


HIGH:  3:50 am  4.4'

LOW:  9:51 am  0.9'

HIGH:  4:59 pm   5.5'

LOW:  11:08 pm   1.8'

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