Daily Surf Report - 7/15/2013

Happy Monday kids! It's another crisp, cool summer morning here at the beach as it's foggy (a bit), overcast (a lot) with almost ride-able surf (sorta'). The temp is sputtering in at about 54 degrees as a bit of a SW wind is sneezing on the salad bar giving the water surface that texture your skin gets after laying in the bath far too long. There are some wishful thinkers out there right now. If things change I'll let you know all about it right here.
CHANNEL: The lagoon is emptying out faster than the audience at a Michelle Shocked concert. Exposed sand bars are imminent as a knee high gurgler is sloshing across this rapidly draining river run. Naturally, what goes out will come back in. Later in the day this may be the spot. No one here as of yet.

PATCH: "They say that I'm a dreamer--but I'm not the only one." Today at the Patch and Green/Africa this 'morn there are plenty of John Lennon fans who are taking 'Imagine' to heart. Long waits for knee-high waves that don't break or go ten yards for a first down then disappear. Not the most optimum conditions but I admire the pluck of dreamers. Five to six (5-6) longboards and custodial gear looking for Yoko.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


HIGH:  4:58 am  4.0'

LOW:  10:37 am 1.4'

HIGH:  5:42 pm   5.7'

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