Daily Surf Report - 7/16/2013

Good morning surf enthusiasts. It's another gray morning here at the beach but this particular morning is siding a bit more on the dismal side of things as the temperature is oozing in at 55 and it's overcast and drizzling a touch. Hey, this is how summer can be at this little South facing, Northern California beach. Maybe later we may see some positive changes, so lets hope for the best.
CHANNEL: It's crumbly and cruddy here this morning as this knee-high looking thing that is attempting to pass itself off as a wave isn't fooling anyone... well, most anyone. It's puking along the sand bar as the lagoon empties it's contents like a date-rapey frat boy would do at Spring Break after far too many Bud light's and shots of Jaegermeister. You may want to wait this one out today and check back later after lunchtime.... or nap time... maybe dinner? Two (2) longboards out there looking more like white water kayakers.

PATCH: Fah-lat! I watched the Patch this morning over my coffee for 25 minutes and I've seen more action on CSPAN then anything here today. Maybe later but I really doubt it as not much of a swell is coming through. Maybe tomorrow? No one here. Not a soul. Nada. Nothing. No-thing!

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


HIGH:  6:24 am  3.7'

LOW:  11:31 am 1.9'

HIGH:  6:30 pm   5.9'

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