Daily Surf Report - 7/2/2013

I- phone found in ladies restroom yesterday. (7/1/13) Identify and pick up.
I'm a fat guy in a little coat this morning and peeved off at myself for not bringing a log. Small surf, but it is a wonderful, crisp, and clear morning in town today. Calmness levels are soaring. I'm feeling at least head high positivity sets and with a glowing anti- bad vibe shield, I can't see how the day could go wrong. 60*F this morning and promising to be another radical, warm day. Shine work, and love the summer while its here.
CHANNEL: A sexy knee to waist high left is giving the 5 riders in the water smiles from ear to ear. Party waves are prominent and multiple high fives were witnessed this morning. Cool and casual is the energy I'm getting from everyone out today. Big boards, big fun.

PATCH: One slimy, solo, slippery, swashbuckling pirate is out picking his or her nose and also any wave he or she choses. This saucy minx of a slider knows how to find enlightenment. I'm calling it calf to knee-ish high, and as playful as possible. Sets have a little fat man in them but start moving quick when they hit the inside. Re-populate the outside rock island with the one other courageous soul. 

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW:  2:30 am 0.6'

HIGH:  9:05 am  3.8'

LOW:  1:41 pm  2.2'

HIGH:  8:18 pm  5.9'

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