Daily Surf Report - 7/3/2013


10:45am Weather Update: Sun is out, 65*F
Calm morning for your yoga routine. Surfing may be a little harder to achieve. I'm seeing 4 or 5 janitorial surfers in the water trying to sweep up every little wave they see. On the bright side they have cleaned up the surface to a sheet of glass. Two dudes logging on at the groin but they are having little progress. They sky's are as gray as your high-school hallway but with a temperature of 61*f. Its warm and warming up with a good chance the gray will burn. Surf might be micro but it is rideable with a large board and a positive spirit.
CHANNEL: Calling it groin high, while sitting. Triple to quadruple over toe sets are do-able if you are a man of the strong paddle. Local seal populations are wild and free and love to show off their barrel rolls. Get your lily white skin under the sun and put some cross in your step.

PATCH: SUP jousting competition starts at high noon. Bets are welcome and there will be blood. Paddle sharpening will be happening around 9am sharp so don't be late. Sign up is $45 dollars and blood oaths will be taken. Surf is a powerful shin high which should make the battle even more or less interesting.
Overall it looks like a beautiful morning and good day to enjoy the quiet before the 4th.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW:  3:24 am 0.2'

HIGH:  10:14 am  4.0'

LOW:  2:37 pm  2.5'

HIGH:  9:02 pm  6.0'

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