Daily Surf Report - 7/27/2013

Again we start with overcast skies and coastal cloudiness.  Sun was out by 11am yesterday and today looks to be the same conditions.  Temp a bit cooler at 55F but no wind at the beach.  Still have some decent S swell in the water but the angle is steeper today. The tide is dropping quickly so water levels will not hold waves for too much longer.  Afternoons have been good once the tide fills back in.  Bring a big board and have some time on your hands and you will be rewarded with waves at some point.
CHANNEL:  Tide heading low but still some water and waves to ride this morning.  Small lefts in the Channel that are thigh high + and will break and run along towards the inside.  Soon to be over once the tide bottoms out but incoming tide has produced waves during the later parts of the day.  Some fun body surfing waves right out front of the boat ramp as well.
PATCH:  Not feeling it today as good as yesterday.  Steeper swell angle may be part of the cause.  Long lulls between sets but waves will show up outside the meeting rock.  Rights rolling in about thigh / waist high.  Have a log?  Bring it to the Patch and ride waves today.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  Respect the Beach.


LOW:  9:26 am  0.6'

HIGH:  4:20 pm 5.9'

LOW:  10:31 pm 1.4'

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