Daily Surf Report - 7/28/2013

Bolinas is so fickle.  So tide and swell dependent.  So willing to change and change again throughout the day, delivering all types of surf at different spots. Yesterday was a perfect example - nothing doing in the early am / Patch working throughout the mid-day into evening before getting swamped out / Channel and Mali-Bo doing its thing in the afternoon / evening session rights at the Groin and even out front.  Waves all over if you take the time to find them.  If you want to roll out here in your monster SUV, loaded with shortboards in an agro style you will always be disappointed.  Come out chill, with some time on your hands.  Bring the family and a few pieces of surf gear.  Enjoy the beautiful drive and take in some scenery.  You will always end your day with a smile. 
Overcast and misting - as per Summer.  56F now with sun and mild temps coming later.  No wind.  The S swell is still active and coughing out the last bits of surf for you today.  Watch your tides and pick your spots accordingly. 
CHANNEL:  Tide draining but not too low this morning giving this spot the ability to work throughout the day.  Right now the deeper bar has rideable lefts in the waist high size and a small crew of about 8 are on it.  Might be the same group that surfed it last night as it was working then too.  Groin area is getting low but still supporting knee high left zippers probably best for boogie board and body surfers this morning.  Incoming tide had delivered all week.
PATCH:  Small this morning and lulls between the sets.  Mid-way has rollers in the thigh high zone and they come in small bunches as is the way S swells work here.  1 lonely SUP out there now.  Paddle out and let him know he has a friend.  Afternoons with more tide pushed the waves out past the meeting rock.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  Respect the Beach.


HIGH:  4:38 am  4.5'

LOW:  10:15 am  1.3'

HIGH:  5:05 pm  5.9'

LOW:  11:40 pm  1.2'

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