Daily Surf Report - 7/5/2013

Aftermath of a good town party this morning.  Plenty of debri to clean up and everyone should do their part.  Tear it all down then build it back up and move along.  Getting in the water today may be the cure for all ills this morning.   A day of morning sunshine and 58F with a breeze a bit SE.  Sideshore / onshore but has some grooming capabilities.  Grab a coffee and a longboard, pull on the damp wetsuit and keep the patriotism in check today. 
CHANNEL:  Still a left spinner working in the Channel on the outside bar.  We have low tide filling in and a high tide that is actually mid.  Shallow depths way outside which lets you know there is a workable sandbar in place.  Clear, glistening and sunny with waves to ride.  What more can you ask for today?  A pod of about 8 are on it and the Channel is the spot this morning.  Size looks to be waist high at best and shape is good.  A few glide-able / ride-able ones that will take you for a long ride.  Late morning Mali-BO rides may occur once the tide gets higher. 

PATCH:  Still relatively flat with a periodic ripple.  Knee high rights not looking too promising at this time but there is 1 NUPper on it today!  Join him for some water aerobics as you wait for the sets to arrive.  Take the paddle battle challenge and give your arms the workout they deserve.  Hook one up and skip freely to the nose for some Tip Time.  More water may be required for all the above to occur but the potential is endless. 

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW:  4:49 am  -0.3'

HIGH:  11:56 am   4.4'

LOW:  4:16 pm   2.7'

HIGH:  10:22 pm   6.0'

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