Daily Surf Report - 7/6/2013

Its a weird day in town today. A thick awkwardness fills the air as everyone begins to wake up and realize all the things they did. Fog has followed close behind with a temp of 55*F. Turbulent seas are the evil spawn of the south westerly winds and it seems hard for everyone to shake off their morning cloud. No lamas are surfing this moment but three were getting suited up on the beach and the Lama -vs- Lama body surfing competition starts at 9:04 sharp. (No sheep allowed.)
CHANNEL: Sad and bad to the untrained eye. If you were a regular person, you might see an ankle high wave, ground to a pulp, which ends in moments. However, if you are getting as weird as I would like, than there are radical stormy sets that are just waiting for a brave enough soul to charge the impossible. No animals out yet. Be the barnyard brawler who makes the best of the conditions.

PATCH: Let us take a moment of silence for our fallen friend. It seems like just yesterday there was ample wave action to slip and slide or glide and ride. If only the patch was still with us, we could enjoy its playful sections and frolic in its shallows forever. RIP

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW:  5:24 am  -0.4'

HIGH:  12:35 am   4.5'

LOW:  4:59 pm   2.8'

HIGH:  10:59 pm   6.0'

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