Daily Surf Report - 7/7/2013

The second day of the surf hangover in town continues with marginal conditions and a general disarray among most living humans.  Overcast, SW onshore winds, and a hunger for your fellow man...Zombie apocalypse in Bo-Town.  57 degrees and the sign of the beast, another morning to wash away your sins and hopefully survive the day, dreaming of glassy conditions, good waves, and no cannibalizing zombie brethren in sight.  Pray for surf...and your soul.
CHANNEL: Suit up and join the other three living dead out in the channel this morning...we've got ankle and knee biting zombies crawling around, pushing here and chasing there.  Some limbs akimbo might help you generate some speed to make a section, a piece or part here and there, and flee the scene of one subhuman amongst another, scratching and clawing for the morose waves that stir the craving hunger for tube flesh.

PATCH: The patch still resembles a zombie, mulling around muttering brains, brains, BRAINS.  Smack your head against the exposed rocks, reefs and urchins and donate some grey matter to your beloved underlayer of surf zone machinations.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW:  5:57 am  -0.5'

HIGH:  1:10 am   4.6'

LOW:  5:39 pm   2.8'

HIGH:  11:36 pm   6.0'

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