Daily Surf Report - 8/31/2013


Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
 “Let go of bias, let go of attachment, and you can see the world.”
 - Anonymous

Crazy days here in town. Next level radicalness approaching from the pacific, and some beautiful waves to be ridden today. 59*F this sunny morning with a 10/10 peacefulness. People are laughing, people are crying, people are riding the wild surf. I choose to describe the surf as calf to belly but you can see whatever you so choose. Mellow out with some crystals and be engaged.
CHANNEL: Spinning little ripper shredders with a minimum of 30 second rides. Shoot the curl, hang five and expel the demons from your consciousness. 
Morning glass and lefts to the sand brought more than a few smiles. Take off and enter the flow of life whilst allowing your mind to expand to new levels of righteousness.
PATCH: Ankle to thigh with warm beautiful water and all your wishes coming true. Calypso sitting on the outside rock giving spiritual advice for three crystals and two shells. Rub some sand in your hair and feel good.
$50 off all surfboards through Monday!

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  Respect the Beach.

LOW: 3:01  am  0.7'

HIGH:  10:10  am  4.6'

LOW:  2:55 pm   2.8'

HIGH: 8:48 pm  5.6'


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