Daily Surf Report - 9/1/2013

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
 "What is weird is different, what is different is change, and what is change is learning." -Anonymous

 The beauty that we see in the world is directly dependent on what we choose to see. If you see sadness than you will feel it. If you breath anger you will receive nothing more. Drift to the positive and love all in order to find peace. The ocean is a place of harmony. Surf the beautiful cascading lumps of energy to find yourself. Todays beautiful lumps are intriguing. Knee to waist (+) out there with a crispy 59*F air temp. No wind (yet) and plenty of soldiers in the battle of life entering the big blue. Beautiful days.
CHANNEL:  Crannnking and cracking lefts with a hearty crowd and plenty of energy all around, some in the surf, some in the air. Spinning, speedy and looking like fun. Choose what you see and feel what you choose. Today I'm seeing radicalness and a small healthy swell.  Waist high waves as well.
PATCH: I'm calling it ankle to knee. Conditions change, emotions change, and here peace and extravagance are exploding. Be involved and possibly find that semi solo shred sesh at the patch today. WOOT WOOT!
$50 off all surfboards through Monday!

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  Respect the Beach.


LOW: 3:44  am  0.5'

HIGH:  10:46  am  4.7'

LOW:  3:41 pm   2.5'

HIGH: 9:37 pm  5.7'


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