Daily Surf Report - 10/11/2013


Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Do not concern yourself with what you are, but rather where you are.” -Anonymous

Happy morning today with some extra crispy conditions that are bound to make it a nippily one. Be good today to your mothers, brothers, pets ,and surrounding people. It might be slightly on-shore but a couple crazy cats on the road are making a race of it. I urge you friends, to drive safe. We will get there one way or another. My antennas are reading an air temp of 53*f and a water temp of cold. Only three friends in  the water now and only two waves to be shared. Come out if you want a piece of this pie. Shaka.

CHANNEL:  Its all about the ripping, slicing and dicing today as the outwardly flow of the channel is doing just that to the energy lumps we love so much. Its a good day to do something for NO reason. Enter the water and find the joy in the darkness. Feel the breath of mother nature gently tickle your eye balls as you stare into the void. Turn off the high beams, slow down and watch it all flow by. Ankle high sliders never felt so good.

PATCH:  The space ship is packed to the pirates' limit and its a good day to lose your mind. 3 fellows out who are snagging and swagging their way into the minimalistic form of water movement we have with us. Its small, its rideable and its under ankle high. Bend your knees and don't be scared, EVER. The first one in the shop will receive a free driftwood hand-plane at no charge. (Collected locally and only one use.) Burn some purple sage and let the world melt. If you don't understand than you are doing something perfect. 
PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 6:17  am  4.6'

LOW:  11:07  am  2.9'

HIGH: 5:09  pm  5.6'

LOW:  11:56  pm  0'


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