Daily Surf Report - 10/12/2013

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.” - Sir Winston Churchill

Welcome to the weekend!  Time to get busy burning off all the pent up stress of daily life.  A few days of respite from the weekly grind.  Find your happy place at the coast and ride a few waves as well.  If that doesn't put a smile on your face then nothing will.  A few chilly low spots on the drive out but currently 52F in town.  Overcast and foggy but no wind to chop things up.  Sunshine is a mystery and may not show until the afternoon.  On the bright side, water temps have warmed up to a balmy 51F and the steep S swell still shows on the buoys.  Go now and ride waves like your life depended on it.

CHANNEL:  Tide has peaked and now flows outward towards the far reaches of the ocean.  A bit chopped up but surfers are circling the lumpy rollers that are forming on the middle bar.  Waves from the right and left that meet in the middle.  It's a game of Chicken as surfers rush towards each other at cataclysmic speeds.  Who will bail first and who will sustain the most dings and damage?  I dare you to paddle out and join the fun.  Those watching from the beach are not experiencing true enlightenment yet.  Thigh high or better.

PATCH:  Peaking Patch tide has most of my imaginary friends in the water an a few stragglers suiting up.  Making for a crowded lineup this early morning.  The voices in my head keep calling for the 9' 6" single-fin log and there are visions (real or imagined ) of rolling rights in the middle zone.  Looks to be smooth and running to the beach with size approaching waist high.  A bit foggy but vision is fair and this seems real but could be a mirage.  Will update later when my "friends" file their report.
PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 7:23  am  4.8'

LOW:  12:31  pm  2.7'

HIGH: 6:25  pm  5.4'


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