Daily Surf Report - 11/29/2013


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Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Don't be afraid to be amazing.”- Andy Offutt Irwin

Welcome back from your food coma.  Time to put that damp wetsuit back on and get surfing.  Fall swell continues to deliver and things are much more user friendly today.  The weather is magnificent and there is much to be thankful for.  Lots of fantastic foxes intermingling with other species today and all are in the water catching waves.  Wave size has backed down but is consistently waist high up to shoulder.  Hide tide just peaked and is heading low so entrance and exits are a bit easier today.  If you haven't met the seawall yet he is not your friend.  He wants your board to munch on.  He wants your turkey sandwich for lunch as well.  Take it slow and easy today and catch lots of waves.  Currently fully sunny and 48F with off-shore light winds and high pressure keeping things warm and dry.  Put the Pendleton on now - put the t-shirt on later. 

 CHANNEL: Glassy rollers that are cleaned up from yesterday as the swell has backed down but still remains in the water.  There is still and N and S combo which has some waves mixed up on confused but there are still plenty that connect and more makeable sections exist.  Grab your furry friends, if they are not already in the water, and make your way to the beach today.  Size runs waist to should and most boards will work today. 

PATCH: Peaks a plenty on this crystal clear morning.  It is up and over the wall to access the beach but don't be deterred as there are rideable waves for your longboard today.  Wave height is waist to chest high and the water levels are up and good.  Inside, mid-way and outside have something worth paddling for.  If you didn't get enough yesterday come back for seconds and thirds today.   

Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 8:05 am  6.0'
LOW: 2:44 pm  0.2'

HIGH: 9:26 pm  4.3'

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