Daily Surf Report - 11/30/2013

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Getting what you want is not nearly as important as giving what you have.” - Tom Krause

Overcast morning with fog on the deck - keeping the winds at bay and things classy glassy.  Temp in at 50F and hoping for sun by late morning.  Sliver moonbeams will penetrate your skull and guide you into the unknown.  Have low expectations and reap high rewards today.  Almost time to recharge them crystals.  Put one in your pocket for good luck and another under your tongue to keep your Shaka-RA aligned.  Find your limits.  Push your limits.  Go beyond your limits today - at least 1/2 cross step further.  Seek boundaries and peek around.  There are endless possibilities to explore.  Dropping swell and also less people makes for a good mix.  Tide is a rising and has just peaked.  Up the ramp and on the wall.  Outgoing could clean and improve.  Bring longboards today and score waves.

CHANNEL: Reality vs. Perception collide as glassy peaks wall up and want to break.  Some do and some will roll on by.  Soft and cozy waves that look waist high but are really knee to thigh.  If you hook one up stay forward and get some ramming speed as they tend to mush out with the high water levels.  There are still waves to ride and the tide change will help later this morning.  Grab your log for maximum enjoyment and relish the end of a long holiday weekend. 

PATCH: Yes and no as peaks pop up but lack the energy.  Some can be ridden and some are illusions.  Have lots of foam and length on your board today and you will find the wave of your dreams.  Plenty of water to keep this spot on your radar today and take the tour of the area as the inside, mid-way and outside all have potential if not power.  Gonna get low low this afternoon so mind your toes and fins amongst the rocks.  Fill your cup and drink from it today.  It is always at least 1/2 full. 

Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 8:44 am  6.3'
LOW: 3:25 pm  -0.5'

HIGH: 10:21 pm  4.6'

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