Daily Surf Report - 12/1/2013


Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Getting weird is something highly underappreciated and should be practiced regularly to improve mental well being and stimulate brain activity.” - anonymous

I want all the poppers and the breakers, the writers and exciters, the movers and the choosers to send all their love up to heaven today and thank the big blue for a sunny day of extravagance and surf-able slippers and sliders. Its a warming 47*f and after a long night under the stars the sunlight never felt so mind expanding and rejuvenating. If your an aspiring sociopath or just an underappreciated giver of positivity I need full attention placed on the beautiful day we have laid on our tables. 

CHANNEL: The tide may swing so may the surf. High to this mornings tide brings good tidings and cheerfulness to the mornings soul. I'm seeing front-side' back-side west-side east-side north and south ripping riders on some choice gliders. Calling the glassy water at knee to waist plus and looking so selectable. Today and only today one may receive a mystical and magical monumental moment all wrapped into one swirling lump of the suns energy. Ride the wild surf.
PATCH: Logs, no smog and plenty of nose walking and knee paddling to be received graciously. Let the positivity overwhelm our uncertainties and send them to the back file cabinet. I'm saying be as aware as possible and embrace all. Looking like some sets are smacking some hip bones and some head dunk stretch fives are receiving high fives from the peanut gallery. Love your brother or sister and get on it before the tide gets to low. Keep your wits about you and hold fast to the water in your palm.

Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 9:24 am  6.6'
LOW: 4:08 pm  -1.0'

HIGH: 11:13 pm  4.8'

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