Daily Surf Report - 12/2/2013

ATTENTION!!! We will be closing early tonight but will re-open tomorrow at our usual time at 10AM.
Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go." - Oscar Wilde

SURF UPDATE! The Channel is uglier than a warthog as the lagoon drains like a lanced boil. Not even remotely surf-able. As for the Patch.... maybe tomorrow.

Well, good morning surf riders of the brine! It's another wonderful Monday morning which means what a great way to start the week. I trust everyone had a splendid holiday and weekend. The surf was somewhat cooperative, so no complaints there. Today, the sun has finally arrived to greet the day with it's radiant smile as it warms this little village with a current temperature at 51 degrees. The water fowl are frolicking in and out of the line ups as there is actually still some energy left in the water. Keep in mind that we will be experiencing a rather large tide this morning, so when entering the water a little common sense and a bit of patience can go a long way.

CHANNEL: Holy Shenanigans! Even with this huge tide there is still a left and right breaking pretty darn clean over the outside middle bar! Shoulder (+/-) right now. As the tide changes and the lagoon sucks out harder than a Capp Street ho it could all go by way of lead based paint. So, get it now while the gettin' is good! Mostly janitor boards with a couple of logs there now. 

PATCH: Still a waist + gem coming through the middle-almost-to-the-inside but I can already see that the last call for the morning is coming as The Patch is filling up faster than a Walmart on Black Friday. Which a huge tide pretty much kills the wave action in the Clam Patch. About six (6) of the usual suspects there now squeezing every last drop outta that lemon.

Respect the Beach.

LOW: 3:48 pm  2.4'

HIGH: 10:07 pm  6.8'
 LOW: 4:51 pm  -1.4'


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