Daily Surf Report - 12/12/2013

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” - Hamilton Wright Mabie

I sense thawing and a warming trend in my bones and bare legs.  Again it is sunny but temps are already up to 45F and the lowest in the valleys was 29F so things are moving in a positive direction especially for the no pants crew.  I also detect a building WNW swell that should arrive on Friday and hold through the weekend.  Clear and sunny skies are in play for the foreseeable future so surf may be inevitable shortly.  As for today it is Lake Bolinas with high swamped out tide and no waves to ride.  There are still endless possibilities out there if your eyes and mind are open to change.  Let nature be your guide today but leave the surfboard at home. 


CHANNEL: Tide has peaked and will drain out for the next 5 hours.  Would be good conditions if there was any swell - which there isn't.  Very flat and no one out - not even a SUP today.  Swimming and fishing should move up on your "things to do" list as surfing is not currently possible.  Stay tuned for updates of a significant nature as a new WNW swell is on the way.

PATCH: Flat and more flat here.  Beautiful and serene but not for surfing. Sorry we cannot improve conditions. 


Respect the Beach.

HIGH: 7:33 am 6.2'

LOW: 2:22 pm  0.2'

HIGH: 8:58 pm  4.3'


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