Daily Surf Report - 12/13/2013

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Continuous effort not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.” - Black Elk - Lakota Chief

Friday the 13th but fear not as the day is sunny, clear and crisp with red, white and blue skies.  Temp down to 41F and still a frosty morning but high pressure returns to the Bay Area today along with E winds and another warming trend through the weekend.  Expect dry, clear weather with temps into the 60s.  Still waiting for the W/NW swell to arrive as a little S will blend into the background.  Good conditions on the horizon but currently still very small and higher tides keeping things shut down.  Keep fingers crossed and burn some purple sage today as the surf is coming - just like Christmas.


CHANNEL: Tide has peaked and will start to drain out the lagoon shortly.  Mind the rip unless you want a one-way ticket to visit Stinson.  Currently very small with just an occasional inside Channel roller that is knee high if it breaks.  Next swell on the way is good for this spot but it is not here yet and the high tide is keeping it all on the down low.  It is a beautiful morning and will remain that way through the day.  Hoping for more soon but less is what we currently have. 

PATCH: Outgoing waves off the wall and from shore looking like the best bet here currently.  Very flat yet I spy a janitor that is both prone and upright and in the water as well making the most of a gorgeous morning.  It is not always the quantity of waves but the quality that is important and 1 good wave will make today an outright success. 

Respect the Beach.

HIGH: 8:15 am 6.3'

LOW: 3:08 pm  -0.2'

HIGH: 9:58 pm  4.5'


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