Daily Surf Report - 12/14/2013

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope.” - Alexandre Dumas

Creative morning with foraging foxes about.  If you know their language you can having a fulfilling communique.  Owls and bats hunting for breakfast as we all know it is the most important meal of the day.  Throw in a black cat for good luck and the day is off to a roaring start.  There is a whole world out there with lots going on in the early hour moonlight.  Currently clear blue skies and sunshine.  Very calm and still with a temp of 41F.  Expect warmth today with temps reaching into the 60s as high pressure is in play.  W/NW swell started building last night and a little S swell in the background.  Size is not big but direction and shape look promising.  Tide is very high and peaking currently which has it soft and shut down.  Plenty of beach dumpers and ramp thumpers now that are not good for the bare feet as they carry toe smashing rocks.  Bumps are out there but not perfectly rideable yet with just too much water now. Outgoing should improve things and give you something your longboard will agree with.  It is a magically beautiful day and Santa will be downtown around 2pm so bring your lists.

CHANNEL: Water and waves up the boat ramp that have scattered the wall watchers and fishermen alike.  Run for cover unless you want to have wet clothing.  If you are wearing neoprene than dive in as the water is fine and still feels warm even if the air and ground isn't. Tide has just reached maximum density and peaked.  Too high to allow for much real surfing currently but the outgoing could improve the shape as there are rollers out there that just need to find the bottom and break.  Wave size is relative but mostly thigh high at the moment.  I yearn for more and it may be out there for the taking.

PATCH: A few almost waves with hints and whispers of potential.  The S swell is small and the tide is large so not the best love connection being made today.  Let the tide drop and maybe it will turn on for the log enthusiast. 

Respect the Beach.

HIGH: 8:55 am 6.3'

LOW: 3:50 pm  -0.4'

HIGH: 10:50 pm  4.7'


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