Daily Surf Report - 12/15/2013

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“If you want to live a truly passionate life you must embrace both good and evil, then choose one to hold nearest your heart.” - anonymous.

Icy wonderlands coating the whole world today and all the Christmas carolers are ready with coffee in hand. The most beautiful thing about this time of year is not what is bought and wrapped underneath a dead tree, but rather the feelings brought up by the crystal in your heart. There is no time to be selfish, no time to be unaware and under stress. This life is something to be experienced and shared. Bring what you can to the table and start the feast. I'm not the only one imagining. Surf looks shred-able shareable and with an air temp of 45*f its feeling like a warm bath and foot massage from a Swedish masseuse.

CHANNEL: Backhand to the sand if your ridding with your left forward. You know what I'm talking about. DO you pick up what I'm putting down? I'm seeing chest high sets if your about 5'9 and some reeling knee high rippers for some cross stepping power. Bring a fast board and enter the void. Let go and go forth. Glassy as can be.

PATCH: High tide makes some salty rides. Knee to waist high plus for the average human body and Joe, Fred, and Kevan are throwing shakas and stretch fives all over this place. Get on it and find that sweet spot on your stick that makes these longboard-able rhythmic energy waves come alive. Watch your step at the low tide, may not be as choice here. Good times come to us now.

Respect the Beach.

HIGH: 9:32 am 6.3'

LOW: 4:27 pm  -0.6'

HIGH: 11:35 pm  4.8'


WINTER HOURS are now in effect. We are now open daily from 10am - 5pm from NOVEMBER through APRIL.

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