Daily Surf Report - 12/26/2013

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix

Happy Boxing Day to all those in the UK and Canada.  Semi-chipper morning here with sunny skies, high pressure weather system bringing us temps of 57F already and lots of warm air on tap.  A wonderful day at the beach with lots of areas to explore and things to do if surfing isn't too high on your list.  Where all the swell at?  WNW groundswell starting to kick in on the buoys but not showing up in the water here yet.  Conditions are clean and tide is dropping so we are all set for when it arrives and will keep you posted as conditions improve.  In the meantime, throw on that new Xmas sweater, pull on your funky socks and slippers and roll out of bed to celebrate the glorious day ahead.  If Santa didn't get you that new wave sled or wetsuit swing by the shop to browse and find the gift you truly deserve.  Free hugs and candy canes while they last!!


CHANNEL:  Tide was high but is not on the retreat.  Ocean is smooth with inconsistent ripples and a few waves as well.  Only thigh high + and not too appetizing especially after a full Christmas dinner gorging.  There are a few in the water enjoying the weather and occasional rideable wave.  New swell should be coming soon and we'll keep an eye open for improvement throughout the day. 

PATCH: Inside rights at the Snags with draining tide and emerging rocks.  Racy and risky but for those craving adventure this knee high wave may be just the ticket.  Empty lineup currently.
Respect the Beach.

HIGH: 5:51 am 5.6'

LOW: 12:33 pm 1.3'

HIGH: 6:48 pm  3.7'

LOW: 11:43 pm 2.1'


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