Daily Surf Report - 12/27/2013

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“I want to lean on you, get Jan and Dean on you.  It's time to spread a little mass perception." - Anthony Kiedis

Happy Days and smiles all around today.  WNW swell finding its way into Bolinas and delivering some holiday gifts for all.  Early am vampire surf crew and wanna-be blood suckers reap rewards.  A few pulses of energy can be felt.  Feel the center of the ocean.  Find the core, sink the fangs and drink deeply from the heart.  Fish and eggs for breakfast.  Suck it up.  Choke it down.  Brew some cramp-bark tea and knock it all back.  Tide is high and has peaked.  Outgoing starting to rip but also expose the depths of the ocean floor and let the sandbars strut their stuff.  Pick a peak and hold your ground.  Resist the pull and pull in where applicable.  Waves abound and all rejoice in the spirit of the holidays.  Sun over the Marin hills causes night creatures to retreat until later as the mass of humanity arrives.  Remember, it is better to give than receive but take a few extra today when everyone is looking.  Again sunny skies and warm temps.  Currently 54F with NE winds and a fine day to find your way to the beach.


CHANNEL:  Now tide is outgoing and a bit rippy on the surface.  Lefts in the Channel / Groin region that are waist high but not super clean.  A few hours of tide change will clean things up and there should be waves to ride all day.  Seadrift rights have good bars and open faces to rip on the sets.  Take the high line outside then stall the clamp section inside and find the barrel in the haystack.  It is there if you want it today.  Size runs chest high on the better waves and moderately consistent.  A spread out group of 12 + in the area and all are getting waves.  Not epic or world class but fun times with friends during this holiday time.

PATCH: Scattered peaks showing on the high tide with inside Snags rights and outside miscellaneous peaks breaking both ways.  Enough energy and area to find something to your liking and if you have a big board then head this direction.  Surface is smooth and good rides are abundant.  Size runs waist high or better today.
Respect the Beach.

HIGH: 6:36 am 5.9'

LOW: 1:29 pm 0.6'

HIGH: 8:12 pm  3.8'


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