Daily Surf Report - 12/28/2013

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.” - Lao Tzu

Micro-frost and macro-sliders today.  Lowland frosty grasses and frisky foxes. Mid-level fog and watching owls - they see and know ALL.  Here in Bolinas the sun has returned in full force after a brief departure yesterday.  It is a beautiful and prosperous beach day today.  Currently temp is 43F but expect mid 60s by the afternoon with the high pressure weather system.  Winds remain NE - which is good and swell continues to deliver consistently although not too much size that all can't benefit.  Tide has just peaked and is heading low.  Entry and exit remains slightly dicey at the ramp so mind your toes.  Our dinghy holds 7 and is ready to depart for parts unknown so jump on board if you dare.  Parking is already thin and lineups are getting thick.  Should be surfable all day so take you time and get some waves. 


CHANNEL:  Tide is heading low and in a hurry.  It can groom up the waves and make them throw a bit but watch the rip and surface conditions.  Still have good bars and swell hitting in the Channel and across at Seadrift.  Lefts in the Channel go waist high or better.  Rights at Seadrift are waist to chest and like the tide going low.  Shallow sections expose openings to pull into so disappear for a few seconds if you can.  Rideable and consistent for longboards, eggs and fish again today.  Spread out surfers with about 20+ in the water.  More are coming so remember your manners during this season of love and giving. 

PATCH: Less waves and less people.  Less can be more if you have the right board.  Bring your big log to the Patch and score in solitude.  Less water may help and the outside peaks are showing up and have some size (waist+?) when they break.  Inside Snags continues to work and there is enough water to keep things covered for now.  Afternoon incoming tide will get things going again so keep the Patch on your radar today. 
Respect the Beach.

HIGH: 7:23 am 6.2'

LOW: 2:18 pm 0.0'

HIGH: 9:19 pm  4.2'


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