Daily Surf Report - 12/29/2013


Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Feel the breath of nature and you will understand how small we are.” -Anonymous  

Fabulous and fairly, barely rideable. I'm seeing the greatest of possibilities for minimalists and train car hoppers. If it made sense, than it wouldn't be important. I'm seeing two of everything and a calm day with an air temp of 49*f and humidity at 49%. The sun is shinning and the beautiful people of our area are awake and ready for the love today. It is currently swelling with love and swelling even higher with water. The tide is furiously high and borderline baked. Bring the most foam you have or wait for a flip in the tidal scenario.

CHANNEL:  Up to the stars and out of the sky and into my crystal. The most gold I have ever personally seen in a sunrise. I'm saying it was as magical as you want it to be. To all who shared it with me, we are truly blessed. Its looking like it wants to peel, real, and steal our hearts, but with the magnitude of water gracing our presents it is making some frustrated faces in the H2O. The ocean is changing and with a few hours we might find ourselves with very positive change in conditions. Knee to waist high now, should be on the up and up. Soon young Skywalker.
PATCH: Bumpy and lumpy but no crackers for Polly are flowing. I'm seeing no souls feeling for a paddle and no one has signed up for my free, late night, meditation class and fishing tours. I'm seeing a lot of things, most times they are complicated. When we find something simple hold on to it. Not breaking yet but be positive. Wait it out. 
Respect the Beach.

HIGH: 8:10 am 6.6'

LOW: 3:05 pm -0.6'

HIGH: 10:14 pm  4.5'


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