Daily Surf report - 12/30/2013


Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Happiness often sneaks through a door you didn't know you left open." -John Barrymore

Good morning water people and welcome to the last week of 2013! We have another glorious morning here at the beach with the temperature meandering in at 51 degrees and the sun shining like a silky smooth Dexter Gordon solo. We also have a bump in the water BUT also a snarling, big dawg tide that will bite and scare the watery undulations into hiding for a while. However, if time is a major factor and you have to venture into the water this morning, then sailor take warning of entering/exiting the ramp area and walking the walls. Keep your eyes open, your head on a swivel and use good judgment.

CHANNEL:  There is most definitely a boom in the trunk of this ranfla as the water height of these emerald gems is in the waist-to-occasional-eyeball high zone. The tide is rolling up faster than 5-Oh on a group of cholos holding a stolen flat-screen, so you can either jump on it now, or if you have a bit more of a leisurely lifestyle you can wait until that tide does the turn-around boogie and shake yo' booty later. Many water craft from custodial to shorty's and all tastes in-between are there now doing the slip-and-slide.

PATCH: This high tide is choking out the possibility of a decent wave like El Santo choking out Diablo Azul right now. However, for you longtime denizens of the Clam Patch you all know that the tide change is going to make this puppy bark like Cujo later today. Right now it's TRYING to throw down an above waist glider.... no one here....yet!
Aloha and safe travels to Sam "The Jepson Boy!" You're are already missed around here, homie. have fun but hurry back!

Respect the Beach.

HIGH: 8:59 am 6.9'

LOW: 3:51 pm -1.1'

HIGH: 11:03 pm  4.8'


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